TEXAS A&M CERTIFICATE SERVICE Division of Information Technology

Texas A&M Certificate Service

Texas A&M University has subscribed to the InCommon Certificate Service. The InCommon Certificate Service, created by and for the higher education community, provides unlimited server and client certificates at one low fee to the institution. Comodo, a leading commercial provider of certificates, is the certificate authority for the InCommon Certificate Service.

The InCommon Certificate Service is now providing unlimited SSL certs. Other types of PKI certificates will be provided in the future. For more information on the InCommon Certificate Service, please see https://www.incommon.org/cert/.


All domains owned by the university — including professional societies, athletic sites (.edu, .net, .org, .com) — are eligible for this service.

The Texas A&M Certificate Service is currently registered to issue certificates for the tamu.edu domain and its DNS subdomains. We can request to add any other DNS domains which we control or own, and for which we can provide to InCommon: (1) evidence of ownership and (2) proof of control of the DNS domain in question.

Due to the additional steps required, the non-.edu site certificates will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If you wish to obtain a certificate for a non-.edu site, rather than submit a request via this website please email certificate-request@tamu.edu with information about your site.

For DNS domains that we do not own, the Texas A&M Certificate Service cannot be used so standard certificate requesting procedures with an external CA will be necessary.


For the Texas A&M University campus, this service is funded by Texas A&M's Office of the Vice President and Associate Provost for Information Technology.